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Yamas PC is a new company established in 2015 in order to offer a new aspect of Greek spirits.The team of Yamas are professionals from Food &Beverage Industry. Our motivation:"Τhe great feeling of matching the tradition with the present to make something new".

Τhe quality and uniqueness of Greek spirits and beverages were welcomed in the Greek ant inernational market. The Greek soil offers unequaled raw materials for the production of spirits. Fruits, grains, aromatic herbs and seeds have formed the basis for the production of spirit drinks such as ouzo, tsipouro, mastic that can easily come across when traveling throughout Greece. We have created and we present you the first series of Greek RTDs spirits from Greek beverages-Ouzo lemon, Mastic Orange and Tsipouro Lime & Ginger-, low alcohol spirits (4% vol), carbon-rich found in various flavors in a vintage packaging content of 275 ml.

Τhe series of new - YAMAS innovative products, expresses the philosophy and the positive attitude to life despite the daily difficulties. We have managed to maintain the quality of traditional flavors in an excellent outcome that satisfies all the ages, men and women. The result is YAMAS which contains the basic values of life: the friendship, the joy, the smile, the sun, the sea ant the whole tradition of Greece just in a bottle.

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Attica is the historic region of Greece which encompasses the city of Athens, which is also the capital of Greece, and the city of Piraeus. Since 1829, Attica has belonged to the independent Greek state. Since 1834, Athens has been rebuilt and has become the new capital of Greece (transferred from Nafplio in Argolis), and people from other parts of Greece have gradually started reconstituting Attica. The most dramatic increase happened with the Greek refugees from Asia Minor, after the population exchange between Greece and Turkey, in the context of the Treaty of Lausanne. Today, a large part of Attica is occupied by urban Athens. The contemporary Greek region of Attica incorporates the classical Attica, as well as the islands of the Argo-Saronic Gulf, a small part of Peloponnese surrounding Troezen, and the Ionian island Kithira.


Since ancient times, Attica has been a fruitful area with excellent products. There are valleys in Eleusis, and the Mesogeia, which are being cultivated and are very fertile. They produce mainly grapes, agricultural products, vegetables, honey and olives. In Attica, resin from pine trees, marbles and lignite are also produced. Even its sea is rich in fish. In recent years, many important producers have chosen Attica as the commercial center of Greece and simultaneously as an important gateway to Europe.