Who we are

Greek Basket is the fulfillment arm of Logika in the sector of Packaged Greek Produce. Logika’s 16.000 m2 warehouse facilities offer food grade warehousing (ISO 22000:2005) with an area devoted to food storage and shipping. As specialists in all matters pertaining to the supply chain and the effective implementation of the distribution of products, our experienced and knowledgeable team stands ready to assist you with any questions regarding the export process and destination customs clearances. With an extensive cargo handling experience and customer networking, we offer you tailor-made shipping solutions that meet your needs and goals, ensuring efficient and accurate food product and material handling. In Greek Basket we do the legwork to bring you top-notch local Greek products from the region’s finest producers.

What we do

We have identified the need of buyers outside Greece to effectively source from a growing number of producers and thus have absolute confidence in what exactly they are expecting, when they are expecting it. By creating a cluster of Greek producers in our warehouse, not only do we optimize their supply chain operations, but also we provide them an unrivaled and robust route to a global marketplace. In this way Greek producers can focus on their production practices, nurturing the quality of their products and promoting their brand strength.

Greek Basket was launched on 2015 to address the rapidly growing demand for Greek produce in the global marketplace. It aims to provide several benefits for both producers and buyers who face multiple challenges- related to infrastructure and operations- such as price, transportation, logistics, quality, food safety, consistency, volume and availability. We strive to assure our customers that products get to them on time and at the most cost-efficient way and we work hard to deliver fast, accurate and money-saving services through strategic logistics solutions.

In Greek Basket

we offer you tailor-made shipping solutions that meet your needs & goals, ensuring efficient & accurate food product & material handling

B2B platform

Greek Basket is the necessary component that does the legwork, bringing your products to a global scale. Our goal is to maintain the conditions precisely during all aspects of the distribution process so that, from the manufacturing plant to the buyer consignee's door, your product maintains its freshness, quality and safety. We are more than just a partner.