TSIPOURO Lime & Ginger

Product Code: 00036
Low alcohol, RtD beverage that combines traditional tsipouro spirit with lime and ginger. 

Producer: Yamas
Packaging: 275ml



Tsipouro is an authentic Greek product closely interwoven with the Greek lifestyle, hospitality and entertainment. The traditional values of Greek nature, the precious gifts of the Greek countryside, the genuineness and hospitality of all Greeks have always been reflected in this spirit drink stemming from grapes, Tsipouro. It has always been synonymous with Greek hospitality. It is the drink bound to relax us, the drink that urges us to join in and communicate with our friends, gather around a table. The combination of Tsipouro with lime juice and ginger, leads to an explosive spicy cool effect which creates an icy feeling, flooding the palate with bubbles. A new flavor that will surely appease those who do not hesitate to experiment.