Product Code: 00034
Low alcohol, RtD beverage that combines the traditional ouzo with lemon.  

Producer: Yamas
Packaging: 275ml



Ouzo is our national spirit. A drink exclusively Greek. The word OUZO cannot be translated. It is a name traditionally used to describe a spirit, the history of which is lost in the depths of time. Οuzo is a spirit that owes its organoleptic characteristics to the substances used to aromatize it and more particularly in anise. Ouzo is possibly the most social drink ever created perfect for sharing with friends. Its tradition is long and its philosophy well-thought. Ouzo is the drink for companionship and confessions. It is the drink of Greece, the one nobody can ever copy. It has been linked with the sun, the sea, the joy of life. Its taste has conquered the whole of Greece, not to mention foreign visitors. The combination of ouzo with lemon juice gives the capability to consumers to taste the freshness and the intensity of its special odor of flavor. A totally balanced recipe through which the freshness and sweetness of ouzo is highlighted.