Supply & Demand

Greek Basket was launched to address the rapidly growing demand for Greek produce in the global marketplace.

Through Greek Basket both producers & buyers can benefit from finding and doing business with each other. Greek Basket is the fulfillment arm of Logika in the sector of Packaged Greek Produce. Logika’s 16.000 m2 warehouse facilities offer food grade warehousing (ISO 22000:2005) with an area devoted to food storage and shipping. Our primary goal is to create a B2B venture platform, a wholesale management tool and online marketplace that will link the Greek producers and wholesale buyers.
A distribution channel
for Greek products


Greek Basket is the necessary component that does the legwork, bringing your products to a global scale. Our goal is to maintain the conditions precisely during all aspects of the distribution process so that, from the manufacturing plant to the buyer consignee's door, your product maintains its freshness, quality and safety. We are more than just a partner.

We are innovation accelerators and this is why we do not interfere in the buying process and pricing policies of each supplier. It is not our policy to mark up the products and resell them for maximum profit. Greek Basket can facilitate in boosting your brand awareness and equity, seamlessly linking the producer-buyer relationship and fostering more efficient supply chains by aligning their brand and product stories.

Direct access

Greek Basket opens the door to markets faster by simplifying the solution to your success. We strive to deliver the highest quality products at the requested price, personalizing the delivery time. With a significant number of reputable vendors, this platform “hub” has successfully aggregated multi- regional products, while you retain the critical direct relationship to the producers. Streamline your company’s enterprise by sourcing quality products via Greek Basket, while boosting Greece’s economic growth.

In easy steps

We ensure products get to end customer on time and at the lowest cost and we work to deliver fast, accurate and money-saving services through strategic logistics solutions.

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    Our mission is to maintain the precise conditions throughout the distribution process so that, from your production facility to the buyers’ door, your product maintains its freshness, quality and safety.
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    Greek Basket

    Our extensive cargo handling experience and carrier relationships allow us to offer you the best shipping fulfilment solutions to meet your specific needs. We ensure efficient and accurate handling of all your food products and materials.
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    We offer you more efficient access to Greek products. We bring you high-quality products at a price you request and the delivery time that you need.
‘’I need access to worldwide markets directly

Gain a partner

By working with us not only do you gain a valuable logistics partner as guaranteed by the market presence of Logika, but also local food hubs and artisans retain strong control over their business and quality of their brand.


Greece’s market share in the world market of branded packaged oil.

By your side

In other words, Greek Basket will become a valuable asset in your supply chain operations, reducing costs and finding the optimal distribution method at both a National and International scale, moving through a wave of significant change at your company’s economic outlook.

In Greek Basket

we do the legwork to bring you top-notch local Greek products from the region’s finest producers.

‘’I need access to worldwide markets directly

Experts in supply chain

More than just hauling from A to B. We all know that customers make your business and satisfied customers make your business even better.As leaders in Supply Chain operations and with hubs in Antwerp, New York, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong, we are able to reach the increasingly demanding — and sophisticated — end consumer, exporting groupage cargo on all major trade lanes on a weekly basis.

In Greece no more than 27% of local olive oil is being packaged, against 50% in Spain and 80% in Italy.

Buy from one marketpalce

Our integrated services also include bulk transportation and accurate product transfer simply because we have our own tank container and flexi equipment, offering this way a suite of solutions that will supplement your company’s capabilities.

We help

Greek producers & wholesale buyers to connect

Whereas Greece is widely considered from foreigners and locals alike a very difficult place to do business, due to a lack of economic freedom (over- regulations) and complicated and inefficient bureaucracy, exporting is being discouraged to a fairly large extent rather than working hand in hand with the producer.

With Greek Basket’s regulatory system, the process will be more efficient and effective by automating and streamlining processes and improving timelines.