Pepper jams

red, green, orange, yellow, spicy

Product Code: 00042

Packaging: 250gr



Yellow pepper jam with a vivid yellow color from the raw material itself, it is light, with hints of acidity and quite sweet. The texture is relatively fluid, but rich. The fragrance of the pepper makes it special, but not "difficult". Green pepper jam: rich jam, with a nice texture and fruity flavor, quite reminiscent of fig. It is the most "special" of the range. 

Spicy red pepper: jam made from Florina peppers and hot chili peppers. You could call it and "sweet chutney". Pleasantly spicy, with a few acidic aromas and a hints of quince in the mouth. It is a good accompaniment to yogurt (like all of them), strong cheeses, grilled chicken, cold meats.