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At the much loved Erateini (meaning: darling) of the Olympian Gods, Imathia, beneath the snow-covered Vermio Mountains unfolds a lush green land with legendary fertility, known to the ancient Greeks as “The Gardens of Midas”. As if touched by the auriferous Phrygian king, the earth until today is the epicenter of production of various, high-quality agricultural products.  At this blessed region, in 2014, the company “Greek Food” was created and it distributes these exquisite products to the market under the name: “Midas Gardens”.

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The regional unit Imathia, is a Greek region located in Macedonia, with its largest city being Veroia. Imathia is fortunate to be surrounded by two high mountains: Vermio and Pieria, and by four rivers, the main one being Aliakmon; the longest river originating from Greek soil. As a result, the micro-climate of the area, combined with the well-known kampos (plain), rank Imathia as one of the most fertile areas of Greece. Naoussa is characterized by its wine production, and is one of the most important wine-producing areas, with the most important variety being PDO Xinomauro. Fruit like peaches and cherries, and vegetables like peppers, but also cheese products, sausages, spoon sweets and jams are equally well-known.