Nutribakes oat cookies

with maca and red berries

Product Code: 00040

Producer: Nutribakes
Packaging: 175gr



The Nutribakes oat cookies with maca and red berries are healthy food snacks with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients which derive from natural raw materials. They are suitable for people who follow a protein-based diet, exercise, want to reduce their weight without having to starve, but also for diabetics, hypertensive people, and all those who are lactose intolerant as they are products with a very low salt content, saturated fats and gluten, and are prepared exclusively with organic agave as the sweetener.

By eating only 4 of those with plenty of water, one can replace an average meal and receive all the nutritional elements they need, while they can also contribute to the loss of weight through the repletion they offer.  They contribute to the normal functioning of the heart and of the nervous system (a declaration of health under the European Regulation 1169/2011).

They are available in a very cheerful, modern and awarded wrapping that automatically makes them a remarkable Greek product of European standards.