Mr. Farmer

extra virgin olive oil

Product Code: 00074

Member of the multi-awarded gogreek family, is here to bring the taste of Greek extra virgin olive oil to your home. 

Producer: Go Greek
Packaging: 250ml
Shelf Life: 18 months



Since the ancient times, authentic Greek olive oil has been known for its nutritional value. Homer referred to it as “Liquid gold”; Hippocrates considered it to be “the great healer.” It was the most profound nutritional ingredient in the everyday diet of the ancient Greeks. After thousands of years, the extra virgin olive oil still remains the epicenter of the Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Mr & Mrs Farmer contain premium quality extra virgin olive oil and organic extra virgin olive oil, produced in the area of Pylos in Messinia. Designed in Greece by George Yonas, Mr & Mrs Farmer are members of the multi-awarded gogreek family. They symbolize the purity and the natural origin of olive oil, and carry the unaltered throughout the ages Greek tradition. The olive oil is produced from olives (plain and organic, respectively) of the premium “Koroneiki” variety which grow only in Greece. They are harvested by hand, at a specific moment of their maturation cycle, using traditional farming methods. They are pressed the very same day using a process called cold milling. The resulting extra virgin olive oil and organic extra virgin olive oil is then stored under ideal, strictly monitored conditions. This whole process guarantees the nutritional integrity and sensory characteristics of this oil. Mr & Mrs Farmer have an appealing clear, golden color, an irresistible aromatic bouquet, and a rich refined taste. Guaranteed to carry the authentic Greek bounty to all dishes.