Ladi Biosas

Organic _high premium EVOO

Product Code: 00121

High phenol concentration •Precious delicate, bright and fresh •0.2 Percent acidity level •Organic Farming  • Small Scale Production

Packaging: 250ml | 700ml
Shelf Life: 24 months



100% Greek, organic, produced in our own olive groves (since 1892) without the use of pesticides & fertilizers in the virgin mountain slopes of Kefalovryso | Kalamata.


The organoleptic characteristic shows a well-balanced olive oil with medium fruitiness  (5.5), bitterness (5) and the pungent (4.5). The flavours that emerges are tomato leaves, eucalyptus and a combination of herbaceous and fresh grass taste.


Our product aims to articulate premium extra virgin olive oil with a superb packaging. Each aspect of Ladi Biosas manifests the unique perspective of our team because we participate in every stage of the production. We are not just the cultivators, we are not just the designers, we are not just the promoters we are a complex blend of creators who dare to contest with the uncertain in order to bring into light a unique product. Ladi Biosas _high premium extra virgin olive oil


Pairs with: Grilled-fish, Vinaigrette, Home-made bread, Salads

Aroma: fruity persistent, herbal notes, tomato leaf, eucalyptus, fresh cut grass, peppery finish