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Allowing harvest in recent years "Tea of ​​ Olympus" has been led to the risk of extinction

With love to their region, Pieria and "Olympus Tea" the company created a family group, the "Sideritea", in order to bring around most homes the benefits of this beverage.

Mountain tea is cultivated in specially designed fields on the slopes of Mount Olympus where the ground is rocky and calcareous and has the ideal microclimate as it combines the benefits of the sea breeze and the mountainous climate.

With respect for the environment, they plant and collect by hand without using harmful chemicals, while drying is done by cold method. In this way they succeed to maintain the aroma and the taste of the essential oils of the tea. 

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Mount Olympus


Mt. Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece, a magical place, blessed by both the Gods and humans. There, where the blue sea meets the eternal blue sky, there where the mountain almost touches the sky ancient Greeks housed their gods.

This divine heritage comes down to the present day as Olympus constitutes the largest national park in Greece. Streams and ridges, gorges and plateaus, deep caves and cliffs create a unique ecosystem across Europe hosting wildlife, rare birds, and more than 1.700 species of plants, 23 of which are endemic: they can be found only on Mt. Olympus.