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From 1950, MYST family has been raised between olive groves, in a well-known territory of ancient tradition in the production of olive oil, at the slopes of the glorious mountain “Olympus”, the home of gods. For more than 65 years, with love and respect for the land and with attention to quality, they have been dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees and the production of extra virgin olive oil. In 2014, the CEO John Tsapanidis inspired the idea of MYST.

The mysterious mountain that inspired the legends that gave birth to the Twelve Greek Gods is home to 1,700 plants that represent 25 percent of all Greek flora. Diversity is high here because of the mountain’s different elevation zones and its proximity to the sea. A recent archeological discovery places one of the oldest Greek olive seeds at the foothills of mount Olympus, proving the importance of the mountain’s climate in the cultivation of the Greek olive trees. This is where the company traditionally grows their 2,500 olive trees; 

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Mount Olympus


Mt. Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece, a magical place, blessed by both the Gods and humans. There, where the blue sea meets the eternal blue sky, there where the mountain almost touches the sky ancient Greeks housed their gods.

This divine heritage comes down to the present day as Olympus constitutes the largest national park in Greece. Streams and ridges, gorges and plateaus, deep caves and cliffs create a unique ecosystem across Europe hosting wildlife, rare birds, and more than 1.700 species of plants, 23 of which are endemic: they can be found only on Mt. Olympus.