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George Mazos represents the new blood in Greek production since, even though he is young, he is already included in the list of the most innovative Greek producers. Based in Nemea, he produces the world famous Corinthian raisin in an organic way, following the shadow drying method, an exceptionally interesting procedure which preserves all the nutritional elements of the raisin.

Due to his preoccupation with its production, already since 2010, the Corinthian raisin by George Mazos constitutes a top product and is the result of study and experimentation, aiming at achieving excellent quality, both in taste and in nutritional value. 



Nemea is a small town in the Corinthia region, and it is the base of the same-named municipality in the Peloponnese. It is situated approximately 42 kilometers southwest of Corinth. The broader area of Nemea is the largest wine-growing area in Greece, where the renowned OPAP (Appellation of Origin) wines are produced. The area is known for its wine since antiquity, when it was called Fliassio Terrain, after the ancient city of Phlius. Apart from wine, the area produces excellent-quality raisins, including the Black Corinthian Raisin.