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The company Greek Exquisite Tastes known as G.E.T. has been active since 2012, based in Lamia, Phthiotis. The founder, Vasilis Aivazoglou, with medical studies in Italy, came in a long-term contact with Italian production, but mainly, the promotion and culture of the olive oil in our neighboring country.


The company produces olive products, such as olive oil, from the collaborating olive groves in Laconia, but also roasted olives from Amfissa in a jar, or olive paste in different flavors produced at the family’s privately-owned olive groves in Phthiotis. Finally, it produces an excellent, standardized Aegina pistachio without added salt or baking.


In the company’s philosophy on providing high-quality products, the use of up-to-date growing methods and processing is added, as well as the avoidance of chemicals, preservatives or other additives.  The production procedures that are followed require time and respect to the nature of the seeds, and are aimed at producing the best qualitative result.    

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Lamia is a city and the capital of the regional unit of Phthiotis. It is situated on the slopes of Mount Othrys, near Spercheios River. It is the center of a fertile agricultural and livestock farming area.

Nuts, honey, katiki Domokou cheese, tsalafouti cheese, kourabiedes (sugared traditional buns), frumenty and pies, are some of the products that fascinate whoever tries them for the first time!  The area has a developed agriculture of fruit and vegetables, olives, and even pistachios. A central feature of the area is Spercheios River, which contributes to the exuberance and the quality of the local products.