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Evo3 was founded in 2013, in Mytilene by Stratis Kamatsos, aiming to produce extra virgin olive oil from the exceptional local varieties of Adramytini, Kolovi and Ladoelia. 


Evo3, which stands for evolution but also Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil, incorporates an original concept, while for every bottle sold the producer contributes one euro to the reforestation of areas in Africa. This action is being realized under the concept of sustainable development the company adheres to, and the philosophy tree-bottle-producer’s tree.

The olive oil is produced in the family’s privately-owned organic olive groves, in the Gera region, and it is one of the best samples of olive oil from Mytilene.    

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Lesvos is a Greek island in the northeastern Aegean. It is the third biggest island after Crete and Euboea. It is situated across the Turkish shores, the Mytilini Strait in the East and the Anatolian mainland in the North.  It has two bays. The largest one is the one of Kalloni and the smallest one that of Gera.

The capital of the island, as well as of the same-named county of Lesvos, is Mytilene, which is built in the southeast end of the island, on top of seven hills. Lesvos is considered the home of ouzo, mainly due to the extensive occupation of its inhabitants with the distillery industry.


However, apart from ouzo, Lesvos is known for the unique Kalloni sardine, as well as for its excellent olive oil and its cheeses. In recent years, the island’s producers can demonstrate important achievements in products such as jams, honey, sauces, by-products of olives and many other products as well.