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Keeping the tradition alive through generations. Our olive oil is the outcome of many decades of experience and it is produced with respect to the consumer and the environment. Its original taste, from koroneiki variety, is essential in everyday nutritional needs as its uncompromising quality matches the demands of healthy cooking and gastronomic creations at once. Everyday use of extra virgin olive oil becomes a certified shield for human body. 

E-LA-WON products and Olivelawon company have been awarded 16 times in both national and international competitions after only two years of being introduced in the market.

Moreover, E-LA-WON was awarded with an honorary diploma for collaborating in gastronomic developments besides its organoleptic awards. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil and its quality has been appreciated by the world's top food professionals. 

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Argolis is situated in the eastern Peloponnese and it has access to both the Argolic and the Saronic Gulf, it borders with Corinth in the north and with Arcadia in the southwest. Its close proximity to Athens allows for its direct connection to the capital, while it is also a very accessible tourist destination.


Being inhabited since the Paleolithic Times, Argolis was throughout antiquity one of the most important centers of the Peloponnese, culminating in the Bronze Age, when the Mycenae civilization was prosperous. In the years to follow, Argos developed into a Doric center, while during the Hellenistic times, the Asklipieio, a healing center in Epidaurus, became particularly glorious.


Alongside its timeless historic value, Argolis is also an agricultural paradise, with its famous citrus products, its well-known melons, its excellent olive oil, while its cheese-making industry is also very developed. As a result, the products which come from Argolis deserve our particular attention.