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Cyclades Organics


Cyclades rank among the richest places in biodiversity globally. The unique conditions of the Islands, meaning the glowing sun, the Aegean Sea breeze and strong winds, create an impressive wealth of herbs, containing outstandingly high levels of essential oils. Hence, the unexpected strong aromas, flavours and colours of the Cycladic herbs.  Herbs brand the lifestyle in Syros, the capital of the Cyclades island complex. They keep a leading role in the local cuisine, ceremonies and social events, remedies, decoration, and so many more. Cyclades Organics was founded in autumn 2012 for growing, collecting, drying and packaging local herbs.  Moreover, they adapt plants from other places in Greece to Syros’s special climate. As a result, the biodiversity of the ecosystem alters the balance making the aromas stronger, the flavours more intense. Loving and respecting nature, Cyclades Organics combines tradition with modern expertise to cultivate oregano, thyme, sage, rosemary, marjoram and aloe vera. Using traditional and natural ways as possible to grow, harvest, process and package herbs. The authenticity and quality of their products as organic, as well as the procedure and practices meet the standards of the EU regulation. 



Although Syros belongs to the Cyclades islands, its architecture is more medieval than Cycladic. The capital of Syros island, Ermoupolis, distinguishes for the elegant Venetian mansions, the picturesque quarter of Vaporia, the large churches and the impressive Neoclassical buildings, such as the Town Hall and Apollo Theatre in the central square. The beaches of Syros Greece are nice and relaxing, with many tourist facilities and accommodation surrounding them.

The Phoenicians were among the first inhabitants of Syros and the ones who eventually named the island. There are two possible explanations of the word Syros: either it comes from the word “Ousoura” or “Ousyra”, which in Phoenician means happy, or from the word “Syr” which means rock. Syros is also mentioned by Homer with the name Syrii.

Moreover a unique culinary tradition makes Syros a remarkable gastronomy destination with a variety of products and recipes that combine the sea culture with plain earth in simplicity and taste! Fishes, sausages, cheeses, herbs, caper, marmalades, sweets and the famous Greek delicacy [loukoumi] are few of the famous products one can find in Syros.