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Chrisomelo was founded in 2014, having its beekeeping base in Plati, Messenia, just outside of Kalamata, and its bottling center in Athens. Chrisomelo, i.e. Giannis Tabaris and Chrisa Nikiforou, comes from Messenia. Their preoccupation with beekeeping started a few years ago, when Giannis and Chrisa studied under a beekeeper in Messenia, where they learned about and connected to the bees and the honey.

The honey is produced in privately-owned beehives, which travel to different areas of Greece, such as Messenia, Argos, the mountainous Nafpaktos, Chalkidiki and Euboea with the purpose of harvesting different kinds of honey, during different seasons. Chrisomelo puts emphasis on excellent quality, and for this reason the best practices in honey production have been opted for. However, the most important quality of Chrisomelo is its novelty which lies in the many original flavors, which are a product of study but also of collaboration with other producers. 

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Attica is the historic region of Greece which encompasses the city of Athens, which is also the capital of Greece, and the city of Piraeus. Since 1829, Attica has belonged to the independent Greek state. Since 1834, Athens has been rebuilt and has become the new capital of Greece (transferred from Nafplio in Argolis), and people from other parts of Greece have gradually started reconstituting Attica. The most dramatic increase happened with the Greek refugees from Asia Minor, after the population exchange between Greece and Turkey, in the context of the Treaty of Lausanne. Today, a large part of Attica is occupied by urban Athens. The contemporary Greek region of Attica incorporates the classical Attica, as well as the islands of the Argo-Saronic Gulf, a small part of Peloponnese surrounding Troezen, and the Ionian island Kithira.


Since ancient times, Attica has been a fruitful area with excellent products. There are valleys in Eleusis, and the Mesogeia, which are being cultivated and are very fertile. They produce mainly grapes, agricultural products, vegetables, honey and olives. In Attica, resin from pine trees, marbles and lignite are also produced. Even its sea is rich in fish. In recent years, many important producers have chosen Attica as the commercial center of Greece and simultaneously as an important gateway to Europe.