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Since 2012, Berryland has been active in growing superfoods and nuts such as bilberries, chokeberries and goji berries. Based in Euboea and the area of Chalcis, Vasilis Dafnis studied, experimented and cultivated a series of superfoods with the aim of creating Greek products and recipes with nuts that until today had been popular only abroad. A characteristic example of these is the recipe for vanilla submarine with aronia, pink pepper and spearmint, through which the traditional vanilla submarine sweet meets the fragrances and flavors of the aronia. Berryland’s recipes do not include preservatives or other additives.   


The return to nature for Vasilis Dafnis and his family was a carefully considered move which was aimed at growing qualitative products of high nutritional value for the human organism, using up-to-date production and standardization methods. Recently, the expansion of the company includes the production of new flavors but also the privately-owned product store in the center of Chalcis. 



Euboea is the second largest island in Greece and the sixth largest in the Mediterranean. The pines and plane trees forests with their springs and running water, the magical sand beaches with countless little coves and the blue-green waters of the Aegean, the mountainous groups and fertile plains, the tidal phenomenon in the Euripus strait and the gorges, complete the beautiful picture of Euboea.

Apart from being a beautiful land, Euboea is also a fertile land with a variety of excellent products. Kymi is in the lead with its famous figs, but also its citrus trees and other fruit. Mushrooms, excellent beer, wine, tsipouro, jams, honey and seeds are some of the countless products produced in the area, which are now ranked highly.