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ASKADA farm is located in Kymi on the island of Evia in an area known for its famous dried figs, a quality product that thrives in the specific and confined microclimate of the Aegean countryside.

ASKADA's primary objective is the production of a high quality dry organic fig and other fig based products, such us energy bars, syrup, jam etc. Applying principles of good cultivation management, we achieve sustainable management and protection of the environment.

Dealing with organic farming and creating high quality products is nothing new. It's a way of life from the memories of our grandparents, it is the wisdom that exists in the traditional mode of production and cultivation of land and opposition to companies with chemical fertilizers and intensive use of land. The Kymi fig is a unique product recognized by the European Union as a product with Protected Designation of Origin. It is produced exclusively in Kymi's Prefecture of Evia, which has over 25,000 fig trees of the local varietie.

The characteristics of the fruit are obtained via a production involving a traditional and unique way of drying, not found anywhere else in the world. Totally organic and natural, the production process starts in the first ten days of August and ends around mid- September. The fruits are collected in an ultra - mature state by hand, carefully opened and placed in

wooden crates and then, after they have been dried naturally in the sun, are placed together, "hugging", creating what locals call "askada". This results in a distinct flavour, hiding the myth inside.



Euboea is the second largest island in Greece and the sixth largest in the Mediterranean. The pines and plane trees forests with their springs and running water, the magical sand beaches with countless little coves and the blue-green waters of the Aegean, the mountainous groups and fertile plains, the tidal phenomenon in the Euripus strait and the gorges, complete the beautiful picture of Euboea.

Apart from being a beautiful land, Euboea is also a fertile land with a variety of excellent products. Kymi is in the lead with its famous figs, but also its citrus trees and other fruit. Mushrooms, excellent beer, wine, tsipouro, jams, honey and seeds are some of the countless products produced in the area, which are now ranked highly.