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Jukeros by Dimitris Chomatas was founded in 2015 and has its headquarters in Kallithea, where the production facilities, as well as the central distribution, are based. The company implements the HACCP system on all levels of production, from receiving the raw material to standardizing the products, which are fully in line with the European legislation for food safety. It specializes in production and standardization of hand-made products of very high quality and aesthetics, always focusing on special flavors and combinations, without preservatives, additives or pigments. Instead of these, it uses fresh lemon juice or vinegar made from wine or apple, depending on the recipe.  

Combining traditional production methods with imaginative fruit, vegetable and spice combinations, Jukeros by Dimitris Chomatas don’t just aim at joining your daily table but at making you fall in love with them. The raw material used for the production of the Jukeros by Dimitris Chomatas products derive from the Greek market and from certified suppliers.

The chef Dimitris Chomatas, with many years’ experience in the catering sector and having worked in Greece and abroad, oversees the production process on a daily basis, but also experiments on new products. 

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Attica is the historic region of Greece which encompasses the city of Athens, which is also the capital of Greece, and the city of Piraeus. Since 1829, Attica has belonged to the independent Greek state. Since 1834, Athens has been rebuilt and has become the new capital of Greece (transferred from Nafplio in Argolis), and people from other parts of Greece have gradually started reconstituting Attica. The most dramatic increase happened with the Greek refugees from Asia Minor, after the population exchange between Greece and Turkey, in the context of the Treaty of Lausanne. Today, a large part of Attica is occupied by urban Athens. The contemporary Greek region of Attica incorporates the classical Attica, as well as the islands of the Argo-Saronic Gulf, a small part of Peloponnese surrounding Troezen, and the Ionian island Kithira.


Since ancient times, Attica has been a fruitful area with excellent products. There are valleys in Eleusis, and the Mesogeia, which are being cultivated and are very fertile. They produce mainly grapes, agricultural products, vegetables, honey and olives. In Attica, resin from pine trees, marbles and lignite are also produced. Even its sea is rich in fish. In recent years, many important producers have chosen Attica as the commercial center of Greece and simultaneously as an important gateway to Europe.